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Cloud Hoster Demo Import

  • Halo, I just install the theme and the plugin. But I still don’t see any option about import demo.
    Here is my testing website username and password
    user: daniel
    passwd: test123#

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    anything update????

    Could you please provide the URL for the website (with admin credentials) so I could actually log in and see what seems to be the problem?

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    Hello again Sir,

    After initial testing it appears obvious that you have a corrupted wordpress installation. Even the WP itself does not behave or act normally. To illustrate this please go to Appearance > Themes (I have already switched to other theme in testing) and please click the ADD NEW button at the top. Please try and add a few of the free templates. Now go again to Appearance > Themes. It shows only one theme. The one that is installed. This is not how it’s supposed to look like and behave. A file corruption must have gotten into the core files either by CRC error caused by your hard drive that later got uploaded to the server OR the file was corrupted (maybe not fully transferred) while it was being uploaded via FTP.

    A theme will not function correctly if the core files of the system are not working correctly. Please delete the whole site and upload a fresh copy of WP via FTP. After that the theme will work correctly.

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