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Login box link

  • On top menu, the login box has the following options:

    No login
    WordPress login
    Custom login

    How can I use custom login so it works with WHMCS login.

    Hello Sir,

    Currently we have 2 files associated with those options: login.php and login-wp.php. Both Files can be found in the theme main folder. The custom one is the login.php file. It is a popup template ready to be filled by developers to send credentials to 3rd party pages. So please feel free to modify it to use with you WHMCS install.

    Please refer to Utilities > Integration Code within your WHMCS admin area for “copy & paste” ready code for adding a clients login form to any page of your site. You will need to take some part of that code and integrate into the login.php template in your theme folder. You will need to change the form action linking it to your WHMCS login script as well as add a hidden input with your token.

    As far as full WHMCS integration it is on our to-do list for the next upcoming update. The ETA for that is probably mid April, as we are now working on other theme updates.

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    Thanks for that information. Can this also be applied to Hostbill?

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