New Themezie site!

In the old days there was a site…

There was nothing particularly wrong with our old site per se, but the fragmentation of services was something that bothered us for a long time. We had a site with themes, a separate site for support and a few separate sites withe documentation for each theme. Madness! With the beginning of year 2016 we wanted to approach differently to our site management, to make them more user friendly and to keep everything in one place.

Welcome to Themezie

Previously as a user your were sent to external sites for support. No more! We have integrated the support forum directly on our site and made it searchable for user to better and faster find answers.

Furthermore we have incorporated documentation for all our themes in one place. No more going to ThemeForest to find that link to the external site where online docs are stored. From now on you can find all the info in one place.

As an additional feature we have launched a Knowledge base where we will answer most frequently asked questions so if you have one take a peak there – maybe you’ll find your answer sooner than you think. We hope that this base will grow with time be the ultimate compendium of knowledge.

Looking into the future

This is just the beginning. We hope the site to grow with the addition of new themes, new articles in knowledge base and our forum.

In the near future we want to integrate OAuth 2.0 so you could login to our forums with your Envato account and forget about authentication with purchase codes.

We also have other ideas in mind, but let’s take it step by step. For now we welcome you on our new site and hope you will find is as useful as us.


We are a group of web designers and developers with several years of experience and an unhealthy addiction to new technologies and software. We specialize in creation of premium WordPress themes.

  • Jake says:

    It’s not bad

    February 11, 2016 at 02:24

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